Here at Glitch Busters, we provide you with quality computer support services. If you have any
problem at all with your PC, then let us help!


Our aim is to provide you with the fastest and most efficient PC repair services possible. You can either
bring your equipment to our workshop in order to have it looked at, or we can provide service at your
location as well. No matter what the problem is, we can provide a solution for you. If components
are found to be defective, we have a wide range of parts such as motherboards, CPU’s, hard drives,
RAM, etc that can be used to replace the faulty component and bring your PC back to life. We stock
thousands of brand name and OEM PC components.


If you need a custom built PC, we can do that for you as well. You can select the components that you
want used and a system will be built right to your specifications. For those who need a PC but don’t
want to pay full price, we have a wide selection of refurbished desktops, laptops and servers available.
Finally, if you want to do some upgrades or replace a failed component yourself, we can supply you
with new, refurbished and used parts for any computer system. Some components are available to
be shipped to you right away, while others, such as displays and motherboards for certain brands of
laptops will have to be ordered directly from our suppliers and can take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.


Glitch Busters is proud to announce our remote technical support services. The way it works is simple.
You install a remote access tool on your PC. We log in remotely through the internet and in most cases
the problem can be solved right away. We are also able to provide support over the phone in cases
where using remote access would not be possible, such as a PC that refuses to boot.


If you’re looking for free information and troubleshooting tips, you can check out our collection of
informative articles and tutorials. Here, you will find information on how different computer systems
work, how to perform diagnostics, upgrades and troubleshoot common issues, such as a slow PC, a
system that doesn’t boot Windows properly, or an internet connection that doesn’t work.

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