5 Tips for Windows 7

If you want to use Windows 7 in a more efficient way, then you will find these power user tips veryhandy. These are just the things that many users simply don’t know about, but which can boost your productivity and make certain tasks a lot simpler.

1. Creating a “Master Control Panel” item

When it was discovered, this feature was called the “God Mode” trick in technology blogs, as a
reference to a common cheat in certain video games that give the user infinite energy. In Windows 7,
this trick simply allows you to have all the control panel settings available to you in one control panel
item. To use it, create a folder with any name, with the extension “.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-
825C-99712043E01C} “ without the quotes. You can now do things like manage screen settings,
create additional user accounts, etc. all from one page.

2. View all open windows in 3D

Most Windows users know that they can switch from one window to the other by using ALT + TAB.
But wouldn’t it be nicer to have a 3D view of all your open windows? Simply press Windows Key +
TAB and you will be presented with this view. Press Windows Key + TAB to navigate between the
open windows.

3. View the time in different time zones at a glance

This won’t really matter for most users, but if you are regularly in touch with people halfway around
the globe, knowing what time it is in their place would be quite useful. Sure, it’s possible to just Google
(name of city) + time, but there’s an easier way. Click on the clock on the bottom right of the task bar,
go to “Change time and date settings” and then click on the additional clocks tab. You can now add 2
more clocks that you can view just by clicking on the time in the task bar.

4. Change the volume level of different applications

Windows 7 allows you to change the volume level of different applications that you have running
on your PC. Just click on the sound icon in the task bar and go to “Mixer”. You can now modify
the volume for each application. Quite useful if some apps that you have running produce loud and
annoying sounds.

5. Easily upload files online

If you have an open folder that contains an attachment you want to send in an email, or a picture you
want to post online, simply right click on the file and select copy as path. This will keep you from
having to browse to the folder again when you go to upload the file online. You can now simply paste
the path in the upload box.

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